Welcome to the Temptations franchise system! We are delighted to have you as part of our team. As you prepare to open your temptations business, I want you to know that you are not alone. You have the support of the entire temptations team. Helping you succeed is the whole reason we are here. You are joining the one of the best Ice-cream outlet franchise system. This unique franchise system includes our proven marketing plans, proprietary equipment package, and colorful store designs. In short, you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. As a franchisee, you represent the of all, temptations system to the most important person of all, the temptations lovers. To do this successfully, you must provide outstanding customer service, maintain product integrity, and, most important of all, ensure that visiting temptations is an enjoyable experience. If you use our proven system and add your own enthusiasm, you have the recipe for success!.

Services Provided by the Franchiser Organization

Temptations is dedicated to the success of its franchise network. Therefore, each franchisee can expect consistent support from the head office. As part of this continuing support, the following services have been developed to assist you in all aspects of operating your temptations franchise. Site Selection Temptations will supply you with the specific criteria that define a viable site for temptations business. Then, temptations will assist you in designating a location for your franchise by reviewing your proposed sites before you sign a lease. Remember that the approval temptations is required before entering into any lease agreements.

Sources of Supply

Temptations will provide you with a comprehensive list of established sources of equipment, signs, fixtures, and supplies necessary for the operation of your outlet. You will be assured of obtaining the items you will need at a fair price and of the quality approved by temptations.

Training and Assistance

A twenty-one (3 to7) days training and familiarization course, covering all aspects of conducting business at a temptations, will be held at the head office or another designated location. This course is available to you.

Operations Consulting:

Temptations will provide you with expert consulting services in all aspects of your business operation. This manual, which will be continually updated as improvements are made in the system, is one part of this service. In addition, temptations Franchise Manager will periodically schedule visits with you to provide on-going assistance as needed. The resources of the entire franchiser organization are behind you to help you find solutions to your business challenges.

Proprietary Products/Recipes

You are required to use temptations proprietary products/recipes. Such proprietary products/recipes enhance the uniqueness of your Ice cream outlet and create interest in your business. Pricing benefits are passed on to you.

On-going Research and Development

Temptations will conduct on-going research and development of new procedures and techniques, new products and materials, and other enhancements to systems. Any new developments that are proven to be effective will be passed along to you.

Responsibilities of a Franchise

  • We use top-notch ingredients, and maintain supply levels sufficient for demand.
  • Offer customers good portions at a good value as per provided recipes.
  • Provide friendly, courteous service in a timely manner.
  • Provide customers with a very clean, comfortable, and safe ice cream outlet environment.
  • Create a 'fun' atmosphere with good ice cream and smiling stall.
  • Be honest and fair in all dealings with your customers. and treat them with respect.
  • Support your customers by being involved in community activities and organizations.
  • Always strive to exceed your customer's expectation
  • Make an effort to get to know your customers end create a friendly bond with them
  • Engage them and make their experience In enjoyable one
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