• A Shop with an area of 150sft to 1000 sft
  • Willingness to invest Rs.1 Lakh to 10 Lakhs depending on the area
  • Renovate your shop based on the Design and Specifications provided by Scoops in any existing stores.
  • Respective Scoops Distributors will supply you the entire range of Scoops Products at your Shop
  • Scoops will provide the Design and Specification for renovation of Outlet
  • Training will be provided from Scoops
  • Scoops will guide you in purchase of various equipments
  • Scoops will provide Signage's, Glow Sign & Branding
  • There is No Royalty or Commission to be paid
  • 2-3 Members based on the size of outlet
  • Interiors will be done by the Franchisee but as per the Company Standards.
  • Please call us at +91 98493 12000 / +91 040 2473 2806
    Mail us at gm@scoopsindia.com
  • Yes, Particularly in the Evening hours
  1. Right Location:
    • Prominent Area
    • Good Foot Fall
    • Best Focal Points
    • Good Frontage of the shop minimum of 10 feet to 25 feet
    • Corner shops are have very high visibility stores
  2. Timings of the Outlet:

    • Ice cream business is a evening business even though if you open the store 1 or 2 hours late it doesn't make much difference. Ice cream business drives from Evening 6 pm to till mid night, if you want to be in Ice cream Business our sales of the Ice cream Parlour is directly connected to the timing of the outlet.
    • We strongly recommend to keep the store open up to late night so, that customers can have their dinner and come to our stores for the desserts or Ice creams.
  3. Stocks and Products Range:

    • Ice cream Parlour means Customers expects that stores will have a full range of Ice creams like Rs.10/- onwards Rs.1000/- Products.
    • Company's Thumb rules states that whatever freezer suggested at your stores it has to be fully loaded with Ice creams like Candies, Novelties, Scooping Gallons , Bars, Cups, Ice cream Cakes, Family Packs etc.
    • In short for customers Ice cream Parlour means a store where a customer can get a vide range of Ice creams on all under one roof.
  4. Operator who runs a Store (Franchisee Partner or who owns a Store)

    • Company strongly feels that a Ice cream Parlour success is purely dependable on the Franchisee Partner because if a Franchisee owner cannot involve himself, if cannot maintain the store properly, if he cannot give a sufficient time to develop the business then the store success is 100% in the hands of Franchisee Partner.
    • Company strongly suggest that Franchisee owner has to involved himself in Business, should keep all the variety of the Ice creams, should talk to all the customers and develop the personal relationship with the Customers etc.
  5. Proper Staffing

    • A Staff/ A Person / A Team Member / A Manager / or Anyone who is handling the Store has to be dedicated towards work.
    • A Staff can ruined the business or take the business to greater heights.
    • The Employees who are there in any store are not just employees but they are our Brand Ambassadors.
    • A Franchisee Partner/Owner can take a beautiful location, can do a best interior work, can invest on the best equipment and branding, can pay the electricity bills etc. but inspite on investing on everything, if the franchisee partner employee's improper staff and if Franchisee Partner does not give proper training to the Employees on interacting to the customers and keeping various stock positions of Ice creams and training on soft skills then the outlet will no perform as per its capability.
    • In short company strongly suggest that Franchisee owner must trained their Employees on basic skills and basic courtesy so that they can receive the customers properly.
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