Did you know we cater large and small events with our ice creams, cakes, Mini-Novelties and more? Make your next party memorable! Treat your family and friends to the Best Ice Cream Experience with ice cream catering from the house of Scoops.

Whether it's an ice cream wedding, Party, Get together, Birthday Party, Office Party, corporate event, school carnival; Exhibitions our Catering Programs offer something for everyone.

Sensational Sundae Bars For Any Occasion

Let your guests build their own ice cream sundae. We’ll cater the super-premium ice cream, yummy mix-ins, supplies and attentive staff, and you provide the ice cream lovers!

Decadent Ice Cream Cakes, Sundaes and Novelties For Any Holiday, Party or Event

Make your event unique with a Black Forest Ice Cream Cakes, Matka Kulfi, Casatta and Ice cream Sundaes. Any of these products an be used for small gatherings like for Weddign Barats, Shop Opening Ceremony, House Warming Parties, get together etc..

They might be small, but they’re mighty big on taste. Introducing our new Mini-Novelties called Ice cream Shots, — the perfect bite-size treats for any occasion! Available in ten unique flavours, and sold in party platter quantities of 50 pieces in Box each, or by custom order.

These Ice cream shots are exclusive Products which are served in only parties. The unique USP of this Products are they are natural and made from Fresh Fruits, few of the flavours are Fresh Kala Jamun, Water Melon, Musk Melon, Bubblegum, Katcha Kairi, Gouva, Pan, Chocolate,

The Ice cream sanwitches are a different experience in Ice cream in Parties, we have a live Ice cream Sandwitch Bar counter in Parties where person makes live Ice cream sandwitches in front of you dipping in Chocolate Sauce with nuts, coockies, Chocolate flakes etc. these Ice cream sandwitches are made by giving crunchy wafers from both the sides with different kind of flavours in Ice creams

The ultimate Ice cream candies which are made with Fresh fruits and nuts are displayed in a Ice cream Cabinet, these kind of counters are very well appreciated in Weddings, Birthday Parties, Corporate Events etc.all the different colours of Ice creams with different flavours are displayed on the Machine where a guest in the Party can easily choose the flavour and relish it.

We create Ice cream Sundaes live in front of the Customers in the Parties, we get Ice creams, toppings, sauces, cherries, wafers, etc. and as per the customer choice we make Ice cream sundaes in front of the guest .

We create a live Ice cream Bar in Parties, we get our Cold Stone Ice cream Machine along with a Ice cream cabinet with toppings, fruits, nuts, sauces, etc. We create an blend Ice creams along with fruits and nuts and serve Ice creams in a wraffle cups, this is the premium format of Ice cream bar.

The exclusive Ice cream experience counters are very famous for exclusive weddings, in this format we have Ice cream sundaes, cold stone Ice creams, Ice cream sandwitches, Ice cream shots, Ice cream stick house, all under one counter.

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